HC Deb 04 July 1902 vol 110 c822

To ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether his attention has been called to the demand for an independent inquiry into the working in London, during the past four years, of the system of compulsory registration of title to laud under the Land. Transfer Act, 1897; whether he is aware that no information as to the working of that system has been furnished to Parliament, other than that contained in official reports of the chief assistant registrar in the Land Registry; and, whether, having regard to the right and obligation conferred by Parliament on County Councils, to apply for an extension of the system to districts outside London, if they are satisfied that such extension is desirable, and to the necessity for full information, the Government will direct an independent inquiry into the working of the system in London during the past four years.

(Answer.) I am informed by the Lord Chancellor that he has given this matter his very careful consideration, but he is of opinion that no useful purpose will be served by the inquiry which my hon. and learned friend suggests. The Government will give full effect to the section which provides for consulting the County Councils, and those authorities may be assured that the Act, both in spirit and in letter, will be carefully administered by the Government.—(Treasury.)