HC Deb 17 February 1902 vol 103 cc193-4

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he is aware that in June, 1900, the Commissioners of National Education, Ireland, issued a memorandum for the purpose of explaining the new Rules, which had come into operation on 1st April, 1900, and which memorandum stated in paragraph four that the teachers would receive the equivalent for a full years results fees for the results year 1900–1901, and having regard to the fact that when the number of pupils qualified for examination had increased in that period, no increase in the equivalent for results fees was given, and that in some such instances the so-called equivalent was less in amount than the previous year's results fees, whether he will take steps to have the payment of the increased equivalent assured to the teachers.


The memorandum of June 1900, dealt with provisional payments, and explained that the payment of consolidated incomes, based on the average incomes of teachers from all State sources for the three preceding financial years, was deferred until after the last day of the month of what had previously been known as the Results period. With this consolidated payment there was to be remitted the equivalent of a full year's results fees. The equivalent was based, as was the total consolidated income, on the average receipts of the teachers in results fees, etc., for the three years ended on the 31st March, 1900, and was not increased or decreased in accordance with the fluctuations of the average attendance during the year 1900–1. All these provisional payments, however, were subject to revision, and in many cases substantial increases have been given on the sums originally voted. The revision of payments is not yet completed. The special circumstances connected with each case, that in equity might be considered as warranting an increase in the amount of the provisional income, are always reviewed before the income is finally fixed by the Commissioners.


Will the equivalent be paid under the new scheme?


This is not a matter that can be discussed by way of Question and answer across the floor of the House. If the hon. Member will communicate with me, I will consider the matter.