HC Deb 07 August 1902 vol 112 cc945-6

Copies presented, of Two Orders enitled respectively "The Jersey (Animals) Order of 1902," and "The Alderney (Animals) Order of 1902" [by Act]: to lie upon the Table.

Papers laid upon the Table by the Clerk of the House—

  1. 1. Inquiry into Charities (county of Lancaster).—Further Return relative thereto [ordered 8th August, 1898; Mr. Grant Lawson]: to be printed. [No. 345.]
  2. 2. Inquiry into Charities (Administrative county of Durham).—Further Return relative thereto [ordered 14th February, 1900; Mr. Grant Lawson]; to be printed. [No. 346.]
  3. 3. Inquiry into Charities (county of Wilts.).—Further Return relative thereto [ordered 9th August, 1901; Mr. Griffith Boscawen]; to be printed. [No. 347.]
  4. 4. Charitable Endowments (London). —Further Return relative thereto [ordered 2nd August, 1894; Mr. Francis Stevenson]: to be printed. [No. 348.]