HC Deb 10 May 1901 vol 93 cc1308-9
MAJOR RASCH (Essex, Chelmsford)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether the new brigade division of field artillery at Aldershot have any guns; and, if not, when they are to be armed; whether the other field batteries have six guns each, but only four horsed; and can he state what is the actual and what the establishment strength in horses in the new field batteries, and whether they belong to the 1st Army Corps ready to embark on active service.


There are three brigade divisions of artillery at Aldershot, which have been recently raised. In the 33rd each battery has six 15-pounder guns, four of which are horsed, and there are 194 horses out of the establishment of 198. In the 49th each battery has four howitzers out of six, four of which are horsed, and there are 187 horses out of 198. The 50th, which is also composed of howitzer batteries of six guns, four of which will be horsed, has only recently been raised, and there are 69 horses, which are being used for training the recruit drivers. The howitzer guns for this brigade division have not yet been received from the makers, but are well advanced. The above batteries are all on the lower establishment, and are not intended for immediate service abroad. Seeing that we have over 250,000 men in South Africa, no question of a 1st Army Corps for service abroad arises.