HC Deb 09 May 1901 vol 93 cc1143-4

I beg to ask the Secretary for State for War whether he can state how many recruits have joined the Donegal Militia since the transfer of the training quarters and barracks from Lifford to Ballyshannon in the year 1899; whether he is aware that in the year 1898 some 120 recruits † See preceding volume, page 1300. joined the battalion, and for some years previous while the battalion was trained at Lifford the yearly average number of recruits was sixty-five; and whether, in view of the diminution, in the number of recruits joining the battalion since its transfer to Ballyshannon, the War Office will consider the advisability of having the training held at Lifford for the future.


In reply to the first paragraph, there were seventy-two recruits in 1899 and fifty-four in 1900. In reply to the second paragraph, the average number was more than sixty-five. In regard to the third paragraph, there does not appear to be adequate grounds for the re-transfer of the training to Lifford. Ballyshannon has approximately six times the population of Lifford.