HC Deb 29 March 1901 vol 92 cc220-1
MR. W. M'KILLOP (Sligo, N.)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Agriculture if he can state how the situations of travelling inspectors in the Veterinary Department of the Board of Agriculture are obtained, and what qualifications are necessary; and can he explain why the Secretary to the Board of Agriculture was allowed to leave his post and to go to South Africa as Secretary to the Hospital Commission, more especially when swine fever had not yet been stamped out, and foot-and-mouth disease had again broken out in England.


We employ in connection with our work under the Diseases of Animals Act (a) veterinary inspectors and (b) inspectors. Both are nominated by the President of the Board for the time being. The former require veterinary qualifications for the performance of their duties, and they have hitherto been selected by the chief veterinary officer and their names submitted to the President. The inspectors require to possess good business habits and address, and to be capable of securing the proper observance of our orders with firmness and tact. The officer apparently referred to in the second paragraph of the question is an assistant secretary. He was selected. I understand, by the Government in July last, because it was thought that his combined military and civil experience rendered him specially qualified for the service required. Owing to the extra exertions of the remaining members of the staff, which were freely given, the business of the Department was not prejudiced by his absence for three months, which period included his ordinary holiday.