HC Deb 12 March 1901 vol 90 c1338

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if, without detriment to the public interest, he can inform the House what is the existing position of the negotiations relative to the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty for the repeal of the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, and whether it is intended that the Treaty shall be modified in the sense proposed by the United States Senate, namely, that in the event of a canal being constructed it shall be fortified by and shall be under the control of the United States in the event of war; whether negotiations are proceeding with other Powers in regard to this question; and when he proposes to place copies of the Correspondence relating to the matter upon the Table of the House.


The modifications in the Hay-Pauncefote Convention proposed by the United States Senate have not been accepted by His Majesty's Government. A communication to this effect was made yesterday by Lord Pauncefote to Mr. Hay. His Majesty's Government are not engaged in negotiations with any other Power in regard to this question. I will ask the hon. Member to postpone his question with regard to presentation of Papers for a few days.