HC Deb 04 March 1901 vol 90 c368
MR. BURDETT-COUTTS (Westminster)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that No. 8 General Hospital, one of the two largest hospitals at Bloemfontein, has remained on the same site for over ten months, the ground being thoroughly infected with enteric poison in consequence of the number of enteric cases treated there during and since the epidemic of last year; whether, in view of the increased rate of mortality from enteric in South Africa, immediate inquiry will be made as to why this hospital camp, in accordance with recognised principles of sanitation, should not have been long since moved to an entirely new site; and whether he can give the number of cases admitted to this hospital and the number of enteric deaths in it during each of the six months ending 31st January.


I am informed that this hospital has remained on the same site for ten months, but there appears to be no reason for anxiety as the site has been reported to be perfect, and the sanitary reports up to the 18th January state that the general sanitary conditions were good. The figures of this hospital are as follow:—

Admissions. Deaths.
August 220 3
September 154
October 26 1
November 49 5
December 61 3
January(to 25th) (to 25t 93 12
The admissions in January are mostly of transfers from out-stations. The type of enteric fever is reported in January as severe, many of the cases being practically hopeless from the first. If any doubt is found to exist as to the sanitary condition I will undertake that the situation shall be changed.