HC Deb 25 February 1901 vol 89 cc1030-1
MR. NORMAN (Wolverhampton, S.)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether naval cadets, whether on duty or on leave, in inclement weather are debarred by official regulations from wearing great-coats; and whether, as a consequence of recent exposure without great-coats, several cadets are now suffering from pulmonary disease.


According to the present regulations cadets on H.M.S. "Britannia" are supplied with thick monkey jackets and mackintoshes. They are not debarred by the regulations from wearing either of these garments on official occasions, but the dress to be worn is always prescribed. Monkey jackets were worn on the occasion referred to by the hon. Member. The cadet who unhappily died a few days ago was not, in fact, present on the 2nd February. In reply to the last paragraph of the hon. Member's question, there is no reason to believe that the cases of influenza accompanied by pneumonia, which have occurred on the "Britannia," are due to the fact of the cadets having been without greatcoats on the occasion referred to. The hon. Member will be glad to know that the question of supplying cadets with great-coats for use on special occasions is under the consideration of the Admiralty. For ordinary purposes the monkey jacket is found to be sufficient. I may add that the question of greatcoats is not unattended with difficulty, owing to the fact that cadets in the "Britannia" are in a stage when they grow very rapidly.