HC Deb 25 May 1900 vol 83 c1303
MR. CREAN (Queen's County, Ossory)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that the Mountmellick Board of Guardians unanimously passed a resolution condemning the conduct of the police in charging the people on the 17th of April last; and whether he will have the matter inquired into, as requested by that board.


I have received a copy of the resolution referred to. It appears that on the night of the 17th April a disorderly crowd marched through Mountmellick groaning at the police and using seditious language. The sergeant in charge of the small force of police stationed in the town advised the people to disperse quietly, but instead of receiving his advice in a reasonable spirit the mob became more disorderly, and rushed at the police, three of whom were assaulted. In self-defence the police at this stage charged the crowd with their batons. A number of persons who participated in the attack on the police have since been convicted by a full bench of local magistrates and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. The cases against other defendants have been adjourned for three months in order to see how they will conduct themselves in the meantime. There is nothing in the action of the police on the occasion calling for investigation, as requested.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the men who kicked up the row were Reservists, and that they were not punished at all?

[No answer was given.]