HC Deb 10 May 1900 vol 82 cc1248-9
MR. PAULTON (Durham, Bishop Auckland)

On behalf of the hon. Member for Northumberland, Tyneside Division, I bog to ask the President of the Local Government Board why the Government have not brought in a Bill to carry out the recommendations in regard to the poor law unanimously made by the Select Committee appointed last session to consider the Cottage Homes Bill, and whether the Government would now introduce such a Bill if an assurance were given that the Bill would be considered in an uncontroversial spirit.


I have been most anxious to deal with this question this session, but I have been unable to do so. I have prepared a series of new regulations affecting the classification of inmates in workhouses, with the view of securing separate accommodation for the aged and deserving poor. I have also carefully considered a Bill which would be required in connection with these regulations, and for the purpose of giving effect to other recommendations of the Select Committee; but my difficulty has been this, that the necessary legislation would require the aid of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and having regard to the enormous expenses which he has to meet at the present time, I have come to the conclusion—although very reluctantly— that this is not a fitting moment to make further demands upon him. It is for this reason that the Government have not brought in a Bill on the subject.

* SIR U. KAY SHUTTLEWORTH (Lancashire, Clitheroe)

Is this the Bill which was expected by the House, dealing with imbeciles and epileptics?


The question on the Paper has reference to the Cottage Homes Bill.