HC Deb 15 February 1900 vol 79 cc86-7
*SIR LEONARD LYELL () Orkney and Shetlands

I beg to ask the Lord Advocate if he could state what schemes for new piers to be constructed under the Small Piers and Harbours Act, 1896, have been submitted to the Congested Districts Board; whether a plan has been submitted from St. Margaret's Hope, Orkney, and, if so, will he say what action the Congested Districts Board has taken, and the amount of grant allowed; whether a plan has been sent from North Ronaldshay, and, if so, what assistance is to be given; whether plans have been approved for piers at Longhope and North Walls, and, if so, what will be their cost, the amount of public money given, and the amount to be raised locally by taxation and by voluntary gift; and whether other plans have been submitted, and, if so, what action the Congested Districts Board have taken with regard to them.


The following schemes have been submitted to the Congested Districts Board for Orkney Piers: (1) Egilshay, (2) Burray, (3) St. Margaret's Hope, (4) North; Ronaldshay, (5) Longhope, (6) Moness, (7) North Ness, (8) South Ness. No definite application has come from Zetland. A plan has been submitted for St. Margaret's Hope. This application will be considered in due course, and when, with due regard to the claims of other districts it can be taken up. A plan has also been received for North Ronaldshay, and the board are awaiting information they asked for on 6th October last, The board have approved a plan for Long-hope Pier. The estimated cost is £3,633, of which the board will find 75 per cent., or £2,725 on certain conditions. The proprietor offered to give free a site and all material that can be found on the estate. Further, he will build North Ness boatslip, and along with the inhabitants will construct a road from Walls to Hoy, and a road over the Ayre. These roads and the boatslip are estimated to cost £2,130; and the local contribution for Longhope Pier is £908, besides site and, certain materials. The only other plans yet received are for Egilshay and for Burray, where grants of £375 and of £1,260 respectively have been made on the usual conditions.