HC Deb 11 December 1900 vol 88 cc505-6

I beg to ask the Vice-President of the Committe of Council on Education if, in framing the Code of Minutes of the Education Department for 1901, consideration will be given to the convenience which the payment of fee grants by quarterly instalments is to the managers of public elementary schools, with a view to making the payment of principal grants under Articles 98 and 101 by similar instalments; and if the Department will take into consideration the desirability of altering Article 94 of the Code so as to provide for the payment of the principal grant by instalments, in the same manner as the fee grant is now paid under the minute of 26th August, 1891.


No. It is impossible to carry out such a suggestion without a very large additional Exchequer Grant in any year in which such practice would be commenced.