HC Deb 11 December 1900 vol 88 c497

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he can state under what circumstances the Sub Commissioner for the northern portion of the British East Africa Protectorate was killed by a party of Ogaden Somalis on 13th November, and what measures are being taken in the matter; what are the relations between Her Majesty's representatives in British East Africa and the Sultan of Afmadu and other chiefs in Jubaland; and whether he has any information showing recent disturbances to be connected with the religious agitation of the Sheikh Mohamed-ben-Abdallah.


Mr. Jenner was killed in a sudden and totally unexpected night attack made on his camp by a party of Ogadens. He was at the time on a tour of inspection through his province, and was accompanied by an escort of forty native policemen. Of these a few men escaped and brought the news to Kismeyu. A punitive expedition is being organised. The relations between the Protectorate Administration and the Sultan Ahmed Margan and all the chiefs of the district had been apparently most friendly ever since the suppression of the rising in 1898. It is understood that the Sultan's brother, who had been in personal communication with Mr. Jenner, and exchanged presents with him only a few days previously, led the attack. The information available is not sufficient to allow of a judgment being formed as to any connection between Mr. Jenner's murder and the movement in the northern portion of the Ogaden country led by the Mullah Mohamed-ben-Abdallah.