HC Deb 02 August 1900 vol 87 cc433-4

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether he is aware that, not-withstanding the representations made by the Mayor to the Trinity Board on behalf of the Rye fishermen for the lifting instead of the blowing up of the "Monica," this vessel was, on 19th July, blown up, which has resulted in wreckage being scattered over the principal fishing area in Rye Bay, thus rendering losses in fishing gear inevitable, and causing danger to navigation by floating debris; and whether, seeing that the cost of blowing up the "Monica" was in excess of the expense which would have been incurred in her removal by those on the spot, ready to act on the understanding that in the event of failing to remove her they would not ask to be paid, he will represent to the Trinity Board the desirability of its showing some consideration for the interests of the fishing industry.


I am informed by the Elder Brethren of the Trinity House that the wreck of the "Monica" was a serious danger to navigation and required to be dealt with immediately. They were unable to entertain the application made to them by the Mayor of Rye to lift the vessel instead of dispersing her by explosives in the usual manner in consequence of the uncertainty as to the success of the operation and the expense involved. An application was subsequently received from the Rye fishermen through the hon. Member to be allowed to undertake the work of lifting the wreck at their own expense, but in the meantime the divers had shattered the vessel beyond any possibility of lifting her. I am assured by the Elder Brethren that, when applications from the fishing interests in similar cases are made at once, and are accompanied by sufficient guarantees for payment of the expenses involved in departing from the prescribed course, full consideration will be given to them.