HC Deb 02 April 1900 vol 81 c954

I beg to ask Mr. Attorney General for Ireland whether he is aware that District Inspector Taylor, of Kenmare, visits and stays with Mr. Warden, of Derryguin, frequently; and that he also drives with Mr. Warden to and from the Sneem petty sessions court; and whether Mr. Taylor, who is a police officer, is acting according to the police regulations in associating himself so publicly with Mr. Warden, a local landlord, seeing that Mr. Taylor appears in cases where Mr. Warden adjudicates at the petty sessions court.


I was not previously aware that the facts are as represented in this question. I need hardly say that the constabulary regulations do not prohibit an officer of the force from visiting, associating or driving with a magistrate of his district under the circumstances stated. The Inspector General reports that the district inspector is an excellent officer, and that he performs his duties with great zeal, efficiency, and independence of all parties.


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that District Inspector Taylor also prosecutes in cases where Warden's tenants were the defendants, and Mr. Warden also adjudicates in those cases?

[No answer was given.]