HC Deb 27 February 1893 vol 9 cc440-1
MR. W. G. C. BENTINCK (Penryn and Falmouth)

; I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether the attention of the First Lord of the Admiralty has been called to recent celebrations in New York, at which the President of the United States was present, on the occasion of the change of flag of the steamship City of New York, which for some years was subsidised for use as a cruiser by Her Majesty's Government; and whether the Admiralty will take steps to prevent in future any liner built in the United Kingdom, which has once received a subsidy from the Admiralty for use as a cruiser, from changing her flag to that of any other nation?


The Board of Admiralty are aware of the circumstances attending the transfer to the American flag of two Inman steamships, the City of Paris and the City of New York, which received naval subventions for two years from the late Government, amounting to close on £27,000. The third year's subvention was forfeited. Under the existing contracts one year's subvention would be thus forfeited in any similar case; but there is nothing to prevent the sale or transfer to a foreign Government or flag of any of the mercantile cruisers. Her Majesty's Government have the power to purchase any subventioned cruiser during the period of the contract. The steps which the Admiralty propose to take on this subject for the future will be better explained on the Navy Estimates than in answer to a question.

MR.GOURLEY (Sunderland)

Were there any guns or fittings on these vessels?


No guns or armament fittings; but some other fittings, which cannot be removed.