HC Deb 27 November 1888 vol 331 cc319-20
SIR JOHN COLOMB (Tower Hamlets, Bow, &c.)

asked the hon. Member for the Knutsford Division of Cheshire, Whether the Metropolitan Board of Works have served all the notices to treat upon owners and occupiers of property required for the formation of the approaches of all the tunnels comprised in the Blackwall Tunnel Scheme; and whether it is probable that all the land so required will be in the possession of the Board before the transfer of their duties to the County Councils?

MR. TATTON EGERTON (Cheshire, Knutsford)

, in reply, said, that the Board proposed, in the first instance, to proceed with the construction of the footway tunnel at Blackwall. Notices had been served for all the property that would be required, with the exception of three blocks. Having regard to the number of artizans occupying tenements on the property on the Middlesex side, the Board had not as yet taken possession; and it was not anticipated that the Board would take possession before the transfer of their powers to the County Council.

In reply to Mr. SYDNEY BUXTON (Tower Hamlets, Poplar),


said, that the Board could not bind their successors; but the new County Council would find themselves in possession of an enormous amount of land, which would, no doubt, compel the continuation of the work.