HC Deb 24 February 1885 vol 294 cc1152-3

asked, Whether one John Egan, of Derryea, county Mayo, is now enduring a sentence of two years' imprisonment, upon a conviction obtained on a charge of having assaulted one John Walsh, in December 1883; whether, on the 23rd of December last, John M'Manus, of Derry, county Mayo, went before Mr. Joseph D'Arcy, a justice of the said county, and made a declaration on oath, admitting that he had committed the assault in respect of which John Egan had been convicted, and that he is ready and willing to abide the result of his confession; whether, the sworn declaration of John M'Manus having been transmitted to the Lord Lieutenant, His Excellency, on the 2nd ult., caused the announcement to be made that "the Law must take its course;" whether this is to be taken as a final answer; and, whether a copy of the notes of the Judge who tried the case will be laid upon the Table?


inreply, said: The man mentioned in the Question is undergoing a period of two years' imprisonment for a serious assault on one John Walsh, committed in December, 1883. The case was very clearly proved. It is true that John M'Manus, who is brother-in-law of Egan, has made the declaration referred to; but he was examined as a witness for the defence at the trial, where he swore equally positively that it was not he who struck the blow. No credence can be attached to his statement, and His Excellency has decided that the law must take its course, and this may be regarded as the final answer. I cannot undertake to lay the Judge's notes on the Table. It is not the practice to do so.