HC Deb 24 February 1885 vol 294 cc1153-4

asked, Whether it is the fact that the Constabulary force stationed at Bennettsbridge, in the county Kilkenny, are in the habit of acting as water bailiffs over the River Nore, instead of confining their duties to the enforcement of the fishery regulations thereof; whether they are in the habit of flinging stones and long ropes with iron crooks at the ends called "drags" from the summit of a bridge over the river at boatmen beneath, to the imminent danger of inflicting grievous bodily injury; whether some fishermen have been seriously injured thereby; and, whether he will cause inquiry to be made and steps to be taken to prevent such illegal practices?


It is not the fact that the Constabulary at Bennetts-bridge are in the habit of acting as water bailiffs over the river, nor have they, or any of them, flung stones or "drags," as alleged in the Question. 'It is understood that stones have been thrown at men who were illegally fishing in the river, and that on one occasion shots were fired over their heads. This was not done by the Constabulary, but it is believed by other fishermen, with the object of frightening the poachers, and driving them away.