HC Deb 24 February 1885 vol 294 c1152

asked the Secretary to the Treasury the following Questions with regard to the appointment to one of the two then vacant offices of Assistant Surveyor of Buildings in the Department of Public Works in Ireland which was made last November, and, according to the answer given in this House, was made "by promotion from persons of twenty years' service;"—What were the qualifications of the person promoted; what post he actually held previous to this appointment, and whether it was of a temporary nature; what is his age; and was he medically examined with a view to his post; and by whom, and when, the rule of twenty years' service entitling to promotion was instituted?


The hon. Member seems to be misinformed as to the state of the case, as he will see by reference to Hansard's report of my Predecessor's reply to his former Question. The officer promoted on the occasion referred to had been for 20 years permanently employed in different branches of the Office as an architectural and engineering draftsman; he is 38 years of age, and holds the Civil Service certificate of his qualification, including health. There is no such rule as that suggested in the last paragraph of the Question; and I should have thought that no exception could be taken to promoting a man after 20 years of good service to a newly created post.