HC Deb 24 February 1885 vol 294 c1151

asked the Secretary of State for War, If a War Office route was signed by his Department about the 10th February ordering a lance sergeant of the Scotch Fusilier Guards and an escort to proceed from England to Tuam, and there to consign to the parish authorities a soldier of that regiment, who was an alleged lunatic; if this soldier had seen any war service; and, if so, where; if there was any proof that this soldier had ever been in Tuam beyond his statement on attestation; how long this soldier had been quartered in England, or had been on active service, and how long he had been out of Ireland previous to his enlistment; if the soldier referred to was entitled to £16 deferred pay; and, if he would take steps to guard against soldiers being handed over by an escort to a parish when no longer useful to the War Department, and until this change is effected to afford some intimation to the Poor Law authorities before they are requested or ordered to take charge of such cases?


Such a route was signed on the 2nd instant, in accordance with the provisions of Clause 91 of the Army Act of 1881. The soldier served in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882. There was not any proof that he had ever been in Tuam beyond his statement on attestation. With the exception of service in Egypt in 1882, the soldier had been quartered in England since January, 1879. He was enlisted at Glasgow, and was supposed to have found, his way there in search of work; but it is not known how long before enlistment he had been out of Ireland. He was entitled to deferred pay, amounting to £15 19s. 4d I will take care that reasonable notice shall in such cases be afforded to the Local Authorities; but I am not prepared at present to recommend any change in the Act.