HC Deb 27 May 1879 vol 246 cc1357-8

A typographical error appears in the printed Paper of my Question, the word "terms" being printed instead of "tenour." I wish to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether he can state to the House the tenour of the instructions agreed upon by Her Majesty's Government for the guidance of Sir Garnet Wolseley in South Africa in reference to terms of peace?


Sir, there is a considerable difference between the Question as it now stands on the Paper and the Question as put by the hon. and learned Member last evening. As I stated in the course of the discussion yesterday, I could not undertake to state precisely the terms of Sir Garnet Wolseley's instructions, but as to the tenour of those instructions we have no difficulty; and that tenour was indicated by my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Colonies last night. The object of Her Majesty's Government, and the tenour of their instructions to Sir Garnet Wolseley, is to bring this war as speedily as possible to an honourable termination, consistently with the safety of the Colonies; and it will be an instruction to Sir Garnet Wolseley that he should examine and carefully consider any bonâ fide overtures of peace that may be received from the Zulu King. It is not the object of Her Majesty's Government, as has been more than once stated, to encourage any annexation or extension of territory; but to bring about a satisfactory peace, consistently, as I have just said, with the safety of the Colonies.