HC Deb 27 May 1879 vol 246 cc1358-9

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether his attention ha* been called to certain proceedings at the Monaghan Board of Guardians on the 30th of April, May 7th and 21st, and the correspondence between Mr. MacAleese, the proprietor of the "People's Advocate," and the Local Government Board, Ireland, with reference to the exclusion of the reporter of that journal from the board room of the Monaghan Board of Guardians, whilst the other local Tory journals are admitted to report the proceedings thereat, and the refusal of a Mr. Jesse Lloyd to receive the following notice of motion:— I beg to give notice, that I will move on this day month, that the resolution passed by this Board on the 1st May 1878, excluding the representative of the 'People's Advocate' from the meetings, while the reporters of the other local papers are admitted, be rescinded, as unworthy of this or any other Board of Guardians in Ireland; whether it is in the power of a Board of Guardians, where meetings are open to the Press, nevertheless to admit only certain journals advocating Tory politics, and to exclude the representatives of a Liberal journal; if a chairman of a Board of Guardians can of himself refuse to receive a notice of motion admittedly legal, and within the rights of any individual guardian to propose, and so prevent the matter from being formally brought before the Board; and whether a clerk of the peace, who is the clerk to the magistrates, and from the nature of his office incapable of acting as a magistrate, is nevertheless legally qualified to act as an ex-officio Poor Law Guardian?


Before the right hon. Gentleman replies, I wish to put a Question, of which I have given private Notice, to the Chief Secretary. It is, Whether it is customary in Ireland that the Chief Secretary should decide whether the proceedings of each Board of Guardians shall be reported; and if so, whether it is customary that the Chief Secretary should decide whether the representatives of particular papers should be allowed facilities for doing so?


I have put the Question to the right hon. Gentleman not as Chief Secretary for Ireland, but as ex officio Chairman, of the Local Government Board.


The hon. Member for Dundalk is, no doubt, quite correct in saying that his Question is addressed to me, not as Chief Secretary, but in the capacity of President of the Local Government Board. I had rather, however, not undertake at present to say how far I may be the proper authority in either capacity. As I only saw the Question this morning, perhaps the hon. Gentleman will kindly postpone it till a future day.


I beg to give Notice that I will repeat my Question after the holidays.