HC Deb 07 March 1853 vol 124 cc1220-1

appeared at the bar with the Report of the Select Committee on the charges contained in the petition against the return of the Sitting Members. He had to state to the House that James Clay, Esq., and Viscount Goderich, were not duly elected Burgesses to serve in this present Parliament for the Borough of Kingston-upon-Hull. That the last election for the said Borough is a void election. The Committee had unanimously agreed to the following Resolutions:— That the said James Clay, esquire, and Viscount Goderich, were, by their agents, guilty of bribery and treating at the last Election. That it was not proved that the acts of bribery or treating were committed with the knowledge or consent of the Sitting Members. That John Walker was actively engaged as an agent in carrying into effect a most extensive system of bribery and treating at the last Election. That there is reason to believe that corrupt practices have extensively prevailed at the last Election for the Borough of Kingston-upon-Hull That the Committee also found, that there is reason to believe that a system has existed in the Borough of Kingston upon Hull of bribing the poorer class of voters in great numbers, by a payment of about thirty shillings a head at the last and former Elections.

Report to lie on the table.

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