HC Deb 07 March 1853 vol 124 c1221

appeared at the bar with the Report of the Select Committee appointed to inquire into the petition complaining of an undue return in the above Election. The Committee had determined that William Alexander Mackinnon, esquire, is not duly elected a Baron to serve in this present Parliament for the Town and Port of Rye. That the Inst Election for the said Town and Port is a void Election. The Committee had also agreed to the following Resolutions:— That William Alexander Mackinnon, esquire, was, by his agents, guilty of treating at the last Election for the said Town and Port. That on the first day of the sitting of this Committee, the said William Alexander Mackinnon, esquire, by his Counsel, declared that, being unable to disconnect his Agents with treating which took place at a dinner given to certain of the Electors of the Town and Port of Rye, on July 2nd, 1852, he was satisfied that the Committee must come to the decision that his Election was void on the ground of treating, and therefore that he should no longer defend his Seat. That the reasons alleged by Counsel for the abandonment of the trial of the said charges of bribery appeared to this Committee to be sufficient to justify such abandonment, and they therefore have not felt it necessary to examine the Sitting Member, or the Candidate, or their agents, under the powers given by the Act 5 & 6 Vict., c. 102, s. 2.

Report to lie on the table.