HC Deb 07 March 1853 vol 124 c1220

appeared at the bar with the Report of the Select Committee appointed to try and determine the proceedings at the Election for the Borough of Guildford. The Committee had determined that Ross Donnelly Mangles, Esq., and James Bell, Esq., are duly elected to serve in this present Parliament for the Borough of Guildford; and the Committee had further agreed to the following Resolutions:— That the allegations of bribery and treating contained in the Petition were made without any reasonable ground, and are frivolous and vexatious. The Committee have thereupon ordered, that all costs and expenses, of and relating to the said allegations, shall be forthwith paid by the Petitioner and his surety, to the said Ross Donnelly Mangles and James Bell, esquires.

Report to lie on the table.

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