HC Deb 07 June 1847 vol 93 c186

wished to put a question to the Government with respect to the fleet now engaged on the shores of Portugal. It had been the practice in the military and naval services that the superior officer present should take the command of the whole fleet in joint operations of Allied Powers. Now he apprehended that in the case of joint operations in Portugal, the Lord High Admiral of France would he the superior officer, and he wished to know whether in that case the British and Spanish fleet would be under the command of the Prince de Joinville?


said, there had been no arrangement, that he was aware of, to put the naval forces of the different nations under the command of a single officer. On the contrary, orders had been given to Sir William Parker, that he was not to take the command of the French or Spanish fleet, although, no doubt, they would pay every respect to any orders he might give. With regard to the Prince de Joinville, he had heard nothing to induce him to believe that the Prince was about to proceed to the coast of Portugal, and therefore no question arose about his assuming the command.