HC Deb 07 June 1847 vol 93 cc185-6

said, that he understood it to be the intention of the Government to substitute for transportation some system of imprisonment and compulsory labour either here or abroad, and exile. Now sentence of transportation might be passed upon offenders for seven, ten, fourteen, fifteen, twenty, or twenty- one years, or for life; and he wished to know if the Government intended to substitute some fixed and specific period of imprisonment, compulsory labour, and exile, having reference to the graduated scale of sentences of transportation, or whether the period of punishment was to have reference to the circumstances of each case?


, as was understood, said he had before stated, that it was the intention of the Government that the minimum and maximum of the term should have respect to the term of transportation; but that it should be in the power of the convict, by his own good conduct, to shorten the term of his punishment.