HC Deb 07 June 1847 vol 93 cc186-7

, alluding to the inconvenience arising out of the present mode of holding elections in Ireland, and particularly the duration of the polling, inquired if the Government were inclined to take the subject into consideration.


The subject had been deliberated upon by the Government, and he confessed that as regarded counties, there would be considerable difficulty in shortening the duration to one day by the appointment of a greater number of polling places, without at the same time making important alterations in the whole of the election system of Ireland. He regretted it had not been in the power of the Government, owing to the pressure of Irish business this Session, to introduce any measure to the House involving the whole of the electoral system of Ireland. With respect to the boroughs of Ireland, however, the case was somewhat different, and he entertained hopes that it might be possible to introduce a Bill for limiting the duration of elections to one day. He hoped to introduce a measure which should receive the assent of both sides of the House.