HC Deb 30 April 1845 vol 79 cc1439-40
Lord John Russell

would take that opportunity of asking a question of the right hon. Gentleman (Sir R. Peel) with respect to the Notice which stood in his (Lord John Russell's) name on the Paper for to-morrow—he alluded to his Resolution with respect to the condition of the labouring classes. He understood that the right hon. Gentleman wished to go into Committee on the Maynooth Bill on Friday, and as his Resolutions would probably lead to an adjourned debate, he was very unwilling to interfere with the Order of the Day with regard to the Maynooth Bill. He wished to consult the convenience of the House and of the right hon. Gentleman, and was, therefore, quite willing to postpone his Resolutions. As it was very uncertain on what day he might be able to bring them forward, perhaps the right hon. Gentleman would appoint some day which would be convenient to the Government, and on which he might feel certain of being enabled to introduce his Resolutions, without interfering with the discussion on the Maynooth Bill. Would the right hon. Baronet give him a fixed day—say next week?

Sir R. Peel

thought the best course which could be adopted under the circumstances, would be to fix the third reading of the Maynooth Bill for Monday the 19th of May, so as to give the noble Lord the Monday following, the 26th.

Resolutions postponed until after the Whitsuntide recess.

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