HC Deb 30 April 1845 vol 79 c1439

BILLS. Public. — 1o . Exchequer Bills (9,379,600l.); Courts of Common Law Process; Courts of Common Law Process (Ireland); Court of Session (Scotland) Process.

2o . Canal Companies Tolls; Canal Companies Carriers.

3o . and passed:—Sheriffs (Wales); Calico Print Works.

Private.—2o . Epsom and Dorking Railway; Erewash Valley Railway (No. 2); Reversionary Interest Society (No. 2); South-Eastern Railway (Branch to Deal, and Extension of the Canterbury, Ramsgate, and Margate Railway); South-Eastern Railway (Maidstone to Rochester); Eastern Union and Bury St. Edmund's Railway (No. 2); Boileau's Divorce; Waterford and Limerick Railway.

Reported.—Blackburn Waterworks.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Ffolliott, Mr. G. Hamilton, and Viscount Northland, from several places in Ireland, for Encouragement to Schools in connexion with Church Education Society—By Mr. Brotherton, from James Wilkinson, for Alteration of Jewish Disabilities Removal Bill.—By several hon. Members, from a great many places, against, and by Viscount Jocelyn, Viscount Castlereagh, and Sir Robert Peel, from several places, in favour of the Grant to Maynooth College. — By Mr. Sergeant Murphy, from Kinsale, for Abolition of Ministers' Money (Ireland).—By Mr. Bright, from Aldwinkle, for Substituting Affirmations for Oaths.—By Sir J. Yarde Buller, from Deanery of Pydar, for Amendment of Law respecting the Rating of Tithes.—By several hon. Members, from a great number of places in Wales, against the Union of St. Asaph and Bangor.—By Mr. C. Bruce, Lord Dalmeny, Mr. Fox Maule, and Mr. Bannerman, from several places in Scotland, for Abolition of Tests in Scotch Universities.—By Mr. Bright, Sir J. Easthope, and Mr. Strutt, from Guiseborough, Leicester, and Derby, against the Importation of Hill Coolies into Colonics.—By Mr. Borthwick, and Mr. O. Duncombe, from Worcester, and Richmond, for Relief from Agricultural Taxation.—By Mr. Charteris, from Gloucester, for Defraying Charge of County and Police Rates from Consolidated Fund.—By Mr. Borthwick, from Burstall, for Inquiry (Anatomy Act).—By Mr. Lockhart, from Glasgow, in favour of Arrestment of Wages (Scotland) Bill.—By several hon. Members, from a great many places, for Diminishing the Number of Public Houses.