HC Deb 09 March 1804 vol 1 c822
Mr. George Ponsonby

asked the Chancellor of Exchequer, whether it was intended to take any step towards making some provision the family of the late Lord Kilwarden: it was now near 8 months since that tragical event happened, by which he was destroyed. His family were not in affluent circumstances, and the consideration of to manner in which he came to his untimely and lamented fate, and the recollection of his virtues, made this a matter of great concern, and he thought that no time should be lost in making an adequate provision for his family; and he was sure every loyal man in has empire would feel the necessity of this attention on the part of the government.

The Chancellor

of the Exchequer said, that; this subject was one OP which his Majesty's servants had not been inattentive, and he believed in the course of a few days the attention of the House would be called to it.