HC Deb 12 May 1982 vol 23 c756
Mr. Tam Dalyell (West Lothian)

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. In the light of the notice given to the Clerk Assistant and the Clerk of the House and the references given to you, Mr. Speaker, relating to November 1956 and the decision of Mr. Speaker Morrison in relation to the hon. Member for Essex, South-East (Sir B. Brain), I wonder whether you have any observations on the parliamentary use of the word "treachery"? It seem, to some of us that the nearest we have come to meriting the tag of treachery is to ask questions about the advice given on the Falklands in relation to the chief of the air staff. Such questions do not constitute treachery even if they be generalised. As you realise, in the light of the present atmosphere and what was said generally, the tag of treachery has been attached to those of us who have asked questions about the air staff.

Mr. Speaker

I have had a very careful look at Hansard. It has completely confirmed my view that no personal charge of any kind was made against any hon. Member in the House yesterday. Although, of course, I agree with Mr. Speaker Morrison's ruling in 1956 which led to a great deal of argument, it has no relevance to what happened in the House yesterday. I invite hon. Members to read Hansard.