HC Deb 20 March 1968 vol 761 c395
13. Sir J. Langford-Holt

asked the Secretary of State for Defence what quantities of nails were bought by his Department in the years 1965, 1966 and 1967, and what quantities were sold in the same period.

Mr. Mason

320 tons, 211 tons and 326 tons respectively. 3½ tons were sold during the period in question. In addition, 19 tons of boot repairers' nails and rivets were sold in 1966 and 44 tons in 1967, following the introduction of new Army boots.

Sir J. Langford-Holt

Can the right hon. Gentleman explain how it is possible, unless these items have been badly kept, to have to buy and sell nails at the same time?

Mr. Mason

These items range from small pins to 6-inch nails. The ones that we are selling now are no longer required. We have a new moulded-sole Army boot, and we do not require nails for them.

Mr. Tom Boardman

What is the total value of the nails sold, and what proportion does it represent of the estimated saving on the scrapping of the T & AVR III?

Mr. Mason

I will write to the hon. Gentleman and give him details of the sales figures and purchase figures. They are rather lengthy.