HC Deb 22 February 1966 vol 725 cc353-5

Resolutions reported,

1. That, upon the re-registration of a company under the Companies Act 1948 in pursuance of any provision included in an Act of the present Session to amend the law relating to companies (hereinafter referred to as " the new Act"), there shall—
(a) if the company is registered with limited liability and is to be re-registered as unlimited, be charged, on articles lodged with the registrar of companies with the application for re-registration, a stamp duty of ten shillings; and
(b) if the company is unlimited and is to be re-registered with limited liability and a share capital, be charged, on a statement of the amount of the share capital to be delivered to the registrar of companies, the like ad valorem stamp duty as would be charged if the company were being registered under the Companies Act 1948 with limited liability and a share capital of that amount.

First Resolution read a Second time.

Question, That this House doth agree with the Committee in the said Resolution,

shortages in certain places, but it would be wrong to overstate the position, because we must remember that although such shortages exist, we have been increasing establishments in the last few years. Naturally, as one increases the establishment in an area one tends to increase the shortage unless there is an improvement in recruitment. This is natural. However, bearing the shortage of policemen in mind, it must be true that anything we can do to assist the police in their duties is of great value. There is no doubt that traffic wardens can relieve the police of a great deal of the work which the police could hand over to them.

I hope that, for these reasons, local authorities will take advantage of the provisions of the 1960 Act and of Measures of this kind and will give a trial to traffic wardens. I am sure that they will find them of value. Towns which have experimented with the traffic warden system have found their activities to be of great value and that is evidenced by the warm welcome which the chief constables have given to this Order.

I will not comment on any further points which were made during the debate. It has been suggested that other powers might possibly be given to wardens in the future. That suggestion has been noted and will be borne in mind. I am grateful to the House for the reponse it has given to the Order.

Question put and agreed to.

Resolved, That the Functions of Traffic Wardens (Scotland) Order 1966, a draft of which was laid before this House on 8th February, be approved.

put forthwith, pursuant to Standing Order No. 90 (Ways and Means Motions and Resolutions), and agreed to.

2. That, in respect of the several matters mentioned in column 1 of the Table set out below, there shall be paid to the registrar of companies the several fees specified in column 2 of that Table or such greater fees as may be specified in regulations made by the Board of Trade.

Second Resolution agreed to.