HC Deb 18 July 1963 vol 681 c858
Sir K. Joseph

I beg to move, in page 67, line 47, at the end to insert: (3) Where, on an application under section (Application by owner of fishing rights for revocation or variation of licence) of this Act, the Minister—

  1. (a) determines that the licence to which the application relates shall not be revoked or varied, and
  2. (b) grants a certificate under subsection (8) of that section,
and notice to treat for the acquisition of the fishing rights to which the application related, or of an interest in land in which those rights are included, has been served by the river authority within the period of six months from the dale on which that certificate is granted, then, for the purpose of assessing compensation in respect of any compulsory acquisition in pursuance of that notice to treat, no account shall be taken of any depreciation of the value of the fishing rights, or of the interest in question, which is applicable to the operation, in relation to that licence, of section 31(1) of this Act. Subsection (11) of section (Application by owner of fishing rights for revocation or variation of licence) of this Act shall apply for the purposes of this subsection as it applies for the purposes of that section. The House will remember that, by an earlier Amendment, we have now made provision for compensation to the owner of a fishery interest where the new licence is decided by the Minister, on application to him, to have damaged the fishery interest in the period between one year after the granting of the licence and the agreement on a minimum acceptable flow. This Amendment provides that in assessing the compensation to be paid for the damage to the fishery interest, no account is to be taken of the depreciation of the fishery interest caused by the abstraction of which complaint is made.

Amendment agreed to.