HC Deb 23 March 1955 vol 538 cc2066-7
51. Mr. J. Eden

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation whether he will relax Regulation 7 (i) (c) of the Public Service Vehicles and Trolley Vehicles (Carrying Capacity) Regulations, 1954, so as to make it permissible for aged and infirm persons to be carried on a vehicle even when there are vacant seats only on the upper deck.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

This is a matter which is generally best left to the good sense of conductorsand the good manners of other passengers. It is quite impossible to deal with by regulations. I am looking into the particular case to which my hon. Friend has been good enough to draw my attention.

Mr. Eden

Does not my right hon. Friend think it would be better to relax the existing Regulation 7 (i) (c) so as to enable it to be left to the discretion of conductors and passengers? If there is already a regulation in existence, would it not be better to take steps to relax it so that they would be in a position to exercise discretion?

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

In general, I do not think much difficulty has been met over this matter. I am afraid it is quite impossible to prescribe by regulation the degree of infirmity or age which should bring this into operation, but I am looking into the particular case about which I know my hon. Friend is concerned.