HC Deb 21 June 1955 vol 542 c1139
40. Mr. G. Jeger

asked the Secretary of State for War to make a statement on the new webbing equipment cleaner that has replaced blanco.

The Secretary of State for War (Mr. Antony Head)

As a result of research in the Ministry of Supply a new formula for a new web equipment cleaner was devised and given troop trials. These were satisfactory and the new cleaner was introduced into the Army in the spring. It proved neither popular nor fully efficient. Further research has shown that the manufacture is not entirely in accordance with specification and a new version of the cleaner has now been introduced. It is hoped that this will prove more popular and efficient.

Mr. Jeger

Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether the new cleaner which is being introduced will be as inflammable as the other cleaner was, because the latter was recognised as a great danger in tents and wooden huts? Will it also be cheaper? One of the complaints which I have received is that it costs 4s. 4½d. a week to keep the equipment clean, compared with 1s. 3d. for the old blanco.

Mr. Head

We intend to give it a trial. The question of cheapness really involves how long one dressing lasts, and we hope that one dressing of the new cleaner will last for a long time. As far as I know, it is not inflammable.