HC Deb 16 February 1955 vol 537 cc360-1
2. Mr. Page

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation to what extent his Department analyses road accidents in relation to make and model of car involved; and what conclusions have been drawn from such analyses as to dangerous features in vehicle design.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

Statistical analyses of vehicles involved in road accidents by make and model are not undertaken by my Department. Some work is being done on analyses of this kind by the Road Research Laboratory, but I understand that it cannot yet report any precise results.

My technical officers are, however, constantly on the watch for the disclosure, in service as well as in accidents, of faults in vehicle design which may affect safety. Such faults are brought to the notice of manufacturers where necessary, and many improvements have been secured.

24. Mr. Keenan

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation when the statistics for road accidents for 1954 will be published; and if he will make available to the House the statistics of road accidents for the first six months of 1954 immediately.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

Figures for the whole year 1954 should be published this month. I am circulating in the Official Report a summary of the figures for January to June, 1954.

Mr. Keenan

Will the right hon. Gentleman tell me why he has not yet published the statistics for 1953? The answer which he gave a few weeks ago was, in my judgment, rather an excuse. Shall we get the statistics for 1953 before we get those for 1954, because we can better assess the blame when we have the full statistics? I congratulate the right hon. Gentleman's Department on the statistics that it has published, because when they are published they are very full.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

I am obliged to the hon. Gentleman for the last part of his supplementary question. The figures for 1953 have been published. What I think he is concerned about is the rather elaborate statistical analysis of the figures for these years, and an elaborate statistical analysis takes a little time.

The following are the figures:

—— Died Injured Total
Seriously Slightly
Under 15 233 2,938 9,196 12,367
15 and over 733 4,098 9,866 14,697
Total 966 7,036 19,062 27,064
Pedal Cyclists
Under 15 40 919 3,666 4,625
15 and over 253 3,738 13,168 17,159
Total 293 4,657 16,834 21,784
pedal cyclists 18 356 946 1,320
Motor Cyclists
Drivers 363 4,935 10,055 15,353
Passengers 60 1,133 3,090 4,283
Total 423 6,068 13,145 19,636
Other motorists*
Drivers 175 2,438 8,748 11,361
Passengers 229 3,940 16,842 21,011
Total 404 6,378 25,590 32,372
Horse Riders 2 15 27 44
Total Children under 15 291 4,370 15,449 20,110
Total Adults 1,815 20,140 60,155 82,110
Total All road users 2,106 24,510 75,604 102,220
* Includes a small number of persons killed or injured in horse-drawn vehicles.
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