HC Deb 28 October 1953 vol 518 cc2791-2
46. Mr. Mulley

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation if he will consider the advantages of requiring all motorists to insert an anti-glare disc in their headlamps as a means of reducing the danger to road safety of undimmed headlamps; and if he will obtain information from the countries where this device is already in use.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

Many devices for reducing dazzle, including anti-glare discs used in other countries, have been examined by my Department, but I am not satisfied that any of those so far examined should be made compulsory in this country. If the hon. Member would like to give me details of the particular device he has in mind, I will gladly have it investigated.

Mr. Mulley

I agree with the Minister that there may be different points of view as to which device should be used, but may I ask him if he is not aware of the very serious menace that still continues of motorists driving along quite regardless of other road users, and with fully flaring lights? If he will not adopt this device, will he tell the House what other steps he is taking to deal with this particular matter?

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

I am very much aware of that, as, indeed, was my predecessor in the late Government. We are in close touch with the Road Research Laboratory on this matter, but the hon. Gentleman is asking for the compulsory use of a particular device, and that is quite another matter.

Mr. J. T. Price

Some months ago, the Minister may remember, he said he was considering the method of using polarised lighting? Can he give us any report on that matter?

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

We are still deep in consultation.

Mr. McKibbin

Could not my right hon. Friend consider having headlights standardised, so that every motor car dips either one headlight or two? Then we shall know where we are.