HC Deb 04 May 1948 vol 450 cc1065-6
4. Mr. Donner

asked the Minister of Labour which countries the Parliamentary Secretary proposes to visit for the purpose of recruiting labour for work in the United Kingdom; the date when this journey will commence; the duration of it; and the estimated cost involved.

Mr. Isaacs

The Parliamentary Secretary has no present plans for such visits.

Mr. Donner

Will the Minister state what is the object of recruiting workers from the Continent when there are a great number of German prisoners of war already in this country who are anxious to work here and be civilianised, and who are being forcibly returned to Germany and even to the Russian zone?

Mr. Isaacs

Without going into the pros and cons, all I can say is that German prisoners of war are not suitable for work on cotton machines.

Mr. Donner

But they are anxious to work in agriculture, and they are being forcibly deported.

Mr. Anthony Greenwood

Is the Minister aware that the work that the Parliamentary Secretary is doing in this connection is widely appreciated in the textile industry?

Major Haughton

May I ask the Minister, in view of the cost involved, whether the allowance will exceed that given to commercial representatives going abroad to sell British goods?

Mr. Isaacs

As no plans are contemplated, I cannot say what the cost will be.

590 juveniles. A detailed analysis by duration of unemployment is not available for any date later than 15th March; the numbers registered as wholly unemployed in Liverpool and Bootle at that date were as follow:

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