HC Deb 22 March 1948 vol 448 cc2551-2
17. Sir P. Hannon

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will state, as at the latest convenient date, the number of institutes under the direction of the British Council now in operation in Spain; the totals of members and students attached to the institutes; and how far the cultural activities of the British Council are receiving expanding co-operation from the Spanish people.

Mr. Mayhew

There are five British institutes in Spain under the direction of the British Council. At the end of December, 1947, there were 4,606 students and 3,772 members attached to these institutes. These figures represent a slight decrease from the total of the previous year.

Sir P. Hannon

In view of the great progress made in this work of the British Council in Spain, would the hon. Gentleman consider whether the time has not arisen for a review of our diplomatic relations with Spain to bring about more friendly understanding?

Mr. Mayhew

That is an entirely different question.

Mr. Pickthorn

Can the hon. Gentleman tell us, about the 4,000 odd students and the 3,000 odd members, how much these two figures overlap, how much the same persons occur in both lists?

Mr. Mayhew

I do not think they overlap, but I would like notice of that question.

Mr. Wilson Harris

Is there still any stipulation about the religion of representatives of the British Council in Spain?

Mr. Mayhew

I would like notice of that question.

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