HC Deb 29 April 1948 vol 450 cc586-7
19. Mr. Martin Lindsay

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power whether, in view of the fact that holders of E and S coupons are not to receive the standard ration, he will authorise them to use their cars forthwith for all purposes.

Mr. Gaitskell

No, Sir: persons at present receiving supplementary allowances will be able to draw the standard allowance and use it as from 1st June.

Mr. Maningham-Buller

As persons drawing the essential supplementary allowances after 1st June will not receive in total more than they are receiving now, is there any reason why they should be subjected to restrictions as to how they use their petrol between now and 1st June?

Mr. Gaitskell

I would not accept that those who are receiving supplementary allowances suffer hardship in general as a result of the new arrangements, but those who may suffer hardship are precisely the people who would gain nothing from the relaxation proposed by the hon. and learned Gentleman.

Mr. Manningham-Buller

I was asking whether, in view of the fact that these people will not receive more petrol in total after 1st June, the restrictions on the use of that total could now be relieved because no further use of petrol would be involved.

Mr. Gaitskell

I have already explained that those who are suffering hardship, if any, would not gain from any such relaxation.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

In view of the fact that no more petrol would be consumed as a result of such a concession and of the very great advantage it would be to people who are going on holiday during May and at Whitsun, will the Minister reconsider this matter?

Mr. Gaitskell

I have already answered the question and I must stick to the proposals which I have put forward and which I shall carry out.

Mrs. Leah Manning

Is not the petrol issued on S and E coupons for business, and are not the people who are now complaining the ones who write and say that they have only enough petrol for their business purposes? How can they therefore use that petrol for their holidays?

Viscount Hinchingbrooke

Is not this another psychological order under which all must suffer before any benefit?

24. Mr. Baker White

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power whether the leave petrol concession for members of His Majesty's Forces can be extended to cover other servants of the Crown on leave from overseas stations.

26. Mr. Gammans

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power if the petrol concessions allowed to members of His Majesty's Forces returning to this country on leave are also available for Colonial civil servants and members of the Foreign Office similarly coming into this country on leave.

Mr. Gaitskell

It has been decided to reintroduce allowances to British civilians on leave in this country from abroad as from 1st June. The amount will be one-third of the level ruling before the allowance was withdrawn last year.

33. Mr. Charles Smith

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power what arrangements he proposes for the allocation of petrol during the next six months to sailing craft with auxiliary engines.

Mr. Gaitskell

A minimum allowance of approximately one-third the allowance granted last summer will be made available for these vessels, but the allowances of those already in receipt of an amount equal to or exceeding this minimum will not be increased.