HC Deb 21 April 1948 vol 449 cc1808-10
46. Mr. Keeling

asked the Minister of Defence in which of the areas proposed for National Parks and nature reserves it is proposed to carry out training or experiments; what proportion of each area will be so encroached upon; and from what proportion of each area will the public be excluded.

Mr. Simmons (Lord of the Treasury)

I have been asked to reply. I will, with permission, circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT details of those areas which are affected by the proposals of the Admiralty, the Air Ministry and the Ministry of Supply. In the case of the War Office it may take a little time to prepare the necessary statement, but I will arrange for such information as can be given to be published in the OFFICIAL REPORT as soon as is practicable.

Mr. Keeling

Can we have it all published together, and not in driblets?

Mr. Simmons

I suggest that the hon. Gentleman awaits publication of the Report, and then puts another Question.

Mr. Keeling

That is exactly what I do not want to do; I want it published altogether, not in driblets.

Mr. Simmons

The hon. Member's request will be transmitted to my right hon. Friend.

Mr. Henderson Stewart

Can the hon. Gentleman say whether any of the areas which will be so used are in Scotland?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Total Area (acres). Area Used For Training or Experiments (acres). Public Entry. Department.
Dartmoor 250,880 12,000 3,000 acres open Admiralty.
North Yorkshire Moors. 392,960 820 Open except when training is in progress. Air Ministry.
Lake District 570,880 350 Access to 50 acres on the shore, in the evening and at weekends. Ministry of Supply.
Pembrokeshire Coast 146,560 1,350 Closed Admiralty.

1. 2. 3. 4.
Area Used For Training or Experiments. Public Entry. Department.
Anglesey Coast 617 Open except when training is in progress. Air Ministry.
*603 Closed.
Artro Valley *507 Closed Air Ministry.
Breckland *4,087 Closed Air Ministry.
1,981 Open except when training is in progress.
Cannock Chase 395 Open Ministry of Supply. ‡
Cardigan Coast 279 Closed Ministry of Supply.
Castor Hanglands 395 Open except when trainings in progress. Air Ministry.
Chilterns *1,389 Closed Air Ministry.
Cornish Coast *2,493 Closed Air Ministry.
Cotswolds *1,487 Closed Air Ministry.
Denbigh Moors 1,750 Closed for not more than 60 days a year. Ministry of Supply.
Dorset Coast 750 Closed Admiralty.
407 Open except when training is in progress. Air Ministry.
Hampshire Downs *690 Closed Air Ministry.
Malvern Hills 161 Closed Ministry of Supply.
Marlborough and *2,677 Closed Air Ministry.
Berkshire Downs. 720 Open except when training is in progress.
3,118 1,170 acres closed, remainder open except when firing or trials in progress. Ministry of Supply.
Morth Downs *748 Closed Air Ministry.
266 Closed Ministry of Supply.
Suffolk Coast †2,500 290 acres open except when training is in progress. Air Ministry.§
Whittlesey 650 Open except when training is in progress. Air Ministry.
* Airfields.
† Part only within conservations area, etc
‡ Joint use with War Office.
§ Part joint use with Ministry of Supply

Mr. Simmons

Not without notice.

Mr. Emrys Roberts

Will the Report make it clear that a large part of North Wales which has been allocated as a national park is to be taken over as a military training ground.

Following are the details referred to: