HC Deb 04 February 1947 vol 432 cc1550-1
12. Mr. Piratin

asked the Minister of Labour how many ex-Servicemen are now being trained for new jobs at his Department's training centres, stating the various occupations for which they are to be trained; how many are waiting to be trained; at what rate per month can these latter men expect to enter a training centre; and what steps is he taking to speed up and extend the training schemes.

Mr. Isaacs

28,182 ex-Servicemen are now being trained under the Government Vocational Training Scheme. As the details by occupations are lengthy, I will, with the hon. Member's permission, give them in the OFFICIAL REPORT. 26,138 ex-Servicemen have been accepted for training and are awaiting allocation. They are being admitted to training at the rate of about 5,000 a month. The training facilities provided are arranged in consultation with the representatives of the industries concerned, and have regard to future employment prospects and the needs of industry for which I am satisfied they are now adequate.

Mr. Piratin

As the Minister has stated that it will be some five months before these 26,000 ex-Servicemen have started their training, may I ask him what is to be done while these men are awaiting training, and what steps he is taking to speed up the whole scheme?

Mr. Isaacs

The majority of these men are in employment, and they are waiting the opportunity to be trained for new employment. It is no use speeding up the scheme, because it is no use having these men trained and ready for work if the work is not there. Therefore, the training is phased to the needs of industry.

Colonel Sir Charles MacAndrew

There are certificates given for efficiency at these training centres which enable men to join a trade union, but I have a letter here from a man who has an Army certificate as a painter. Cannot he be given a certificate from the Ministry of Labour so that he need not go through another course of training?

Mr. Isaacs

That is another question, but I should be glad if the hon. and gallant Member will get into touch with me, because up to now the unions have accepted Army certificates. I do not think men need our certificates.

Sir C. MacAndrew

I will see the Minister later, because this letter says that the man does require a certificate.

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