HC Deb 09 October 1946 vol 427 cc201-79

As amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.

  1. NEW CLAUSE.—(Hearings before revocation or variation of improvement schemes.) 801 words
  2. cc203-20
  3. CLAUSE 1.—(Grants under schemes for improvement of hill farming land.) 7,097 words
  4. cc220-4
  5. CLAUSE 3.—(Contents, submission and approval of improvement schemes.) 1,483 words
  6. c224
  7. CLAUSE 5.—(Revocation or variation of improvement schemes on ground of public interest.) 48 words
  8. cc224-6
  9. CLAUSE 6.—(Revocation or variation of improvement schemes on ground of bad work, delay, etc.) 402 words
  10. c226
  11. CLAUSE 7.—(Requirements, in connection with improvement schemes, as to observance of rules of good husbandry, etc.) 118 words
  12. cc226-47
  13. CLAUSE 9.—(Attachment of conditions as to letting, etc., of new and improved cottages.) 9,432 words, 1 division
  14. cc247-50
  15. CLAUSE 11.—(Improvement of hill farming land subject to rights of common.) 667 words
  16. cc250-3
  17. CLAUSE 12.—(Schemes for subsidy payments in respect of hill sheep and hill cattle.) 1,448 words
  18. cc253-4
  19. CLAUSE 13.—(Recipients, and amounts, of subsidy payments.) 24 words
  20. cc254-6
  21. CLAUSE 20.—(Offences as to muirburn.) 989 words
  22. cc256-61
  23. CLAUSE 34—(Recovery of sums by Ministers.) 1,845 words
  24. cc261-2
  25. CLAUSE 36.—(Provisions as to laying before Parliament of instruments made under this Act.) 309 words
  26. cc262-6
  27. FIRST SCHEDULE—(Improvements which may be included in schemes for rehabilitation of hill farming land.) 1,596 words
  28. cc266-79
  29. SECOND SCHEDULE.—(Provisions as to valuation of sheep stocks in Scotland.) 5,550 words