HC Deb 14 June 1945 vol 411 cc1776-7
62. Mr. Cocks

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury if the Government's rule that soldiers honourably discharged on medical grounds are to be granted 56 days' release leave on full pay is retrospective means that all soldiers who have already been discharged on these grounds with only 28 days' leave will have the additional 28 days' pay made up to them at the appropriate time.

The Financial Secretary to the Treasury (Mr. Peake)

No, Sir, the grant of 56 days' paid leave in cases of discharge on medical grounds is restrospective only in the sense that it has been in force since 15th October, 1944. There can be no question of allowing an additional grant in respect of discharge leave to men invalided before that date.

Mr. Cocks

Is it not clear that those released before that date in October were given 28 days' leave, whereas those released the day after were give 56 days' leave?

Mr. Peake

No, Sir. When the White Paper on Reallocation of Man-Power was published in September last, but not to come into force till after the termination of hostilities in Europe, it was thought proper to antedate this special concession to men discharged on special grounds. It was, therefore, brought into operation on 15th October, 1944. But it would be quite impossible to make a new concession of this kind applicable retrospectively.