HC Deb 26 September 1944 vol 403 cc39-41
Mr. Arthur Greenwood

May I ask the Leader of the House if he has any statement to make about the course of Business this week and if, at the same time, he will indicate what will be the main business for next week?

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr. Eden)

Yes, Sir. My right hon. Friend the Prime Minister will make a statement on the War and International Situation on Thursday. The Government anticipated that the House would desire an opportunity for a Debate on the present situation, having regard to the momentous events which have occurred since we last met and, accordingly, we propose to set apart Thursday and Friday for the Debate.

The Business for to-day is unchanged —we desire to complete the Second Reading of the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Bill and to obtain the Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution, as well as the Committee and remaining stages of the Housing (Scotland) Bill.

To-morrow we propose an alteration of the Business in view of the War Debate, and in view of the urgency for passing the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Bill. We shall ask the House to take the Committee and remaining stages of that Bill as first Order, followed by the Committee stage of the Town and Country Planning Money Resolution. If there is time, we would like to proceed with the Second Readings of the India (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill and the Diplomatic Privileges (Extension) Bill, both of which have come to us from another place.

The Committee stage of the Town and Country Planning Bill will not be taken this week. It may be convenient if I inform the House now that we propose to allocate Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week for the Committee stage of the Bill.

Mr. Greenwood

I think it may be the desire of the House on Thursday that there should be an extension of time for the Debate and I hope the right hon. Gentleman will have that in mind. I would just raise this point with him now for his consideration: The Government are committed to some Debates on definite subjects which should take place before the end of the Session—I hope my right hon. Friend will have them in mind?

Mr. Eden

Yes, Sir, certainly we will consider an extension of time; I think that might well be arranged. I have in mind what my right hon. Friend said on the other matter.

Mr. Stephen

On what Motion will the War Debate take place? On the Motion for the Adjournment?

Mr. Eden

Yes, Sir, I think that is the present intention.

Mr. Molson

May I ask the Leader of the House whether he is aware that the Financial Resolution to be debated tomorrow is not yet on the Order Paper? Does he think it very reasonable to ask the House to take a Resolution which Members have only seen that morning on the Order Paper?

Mr. Eden

It will be available to hon. Members to see and study to-day.

Lieut.-Colonel Dower

May I ask the Leader of the House whether, if we have not reached an advanced stage of the Committee on the Town and Country Planning Bill next week, he will consider extending it to the following week? The Bill raises many points and I think there is likely to be a good deal of discussion in regard to it.

Mr. Eden

I am not sure that I follow my hon. and gallant Friend's reasons. We are giving three days to the Bill next week. If we do not finish in these three days, as I hope we may, we shall of course have to give more time.

Mr. Leach

When does the right hon. Gentleman expect that we shall be able to debate the White Paper on Social Security?

Mr. Eden

I think hon. Members will want time to read it thoroughly first.