HC Deb 06 October 1944 vol 403 c1299

Considered in Committee [Progress, 5th October.]

[Major MILNER in the Chair]

  1. CLAUSE 25.—(Provisions as to displacements from land acquired for purposes of this Part.) 7,729 words
  2. cc1322-37
  3. CLAUSE 27.—(Obligation to purchase war-damaged land where development permission refused.) 6,018 words
  4. c1337
  5. CLAUSE 28.—(Statutory undertakers: interim development control.) 32 words
  6. cc1337-8
  7. CLAUSE 29.—(Statutory undertakers: application for interim development permission.) 448 words
  8. cc1338-9
  9. CLAUSE 30.—(Statutory undertakers: revocation of interim development permission.) 287 words
  10. c1339
  11. CLAUSE 33.—(Suspension of byelaws and other enactments: additional powers.) 143 words
  12. cc1340-59
  13. CLAUSE 35.—(Application to agricultural buildings of provisions of planning schemes as to buildings.) 7,630 words
  14. cc1359-60
  15. CLAUSE 36.—(Extensions as respects war period of protection for existing buildings and uses.) 559 words
  16. c1361
  17. CLAUSE 37.—(Power during war period to give under planning schemes consent to development with effect for a limited period.) 306 words
  18. cc1361-2
  19. CLAUSE 38.—(Provisions as to borrowing for purposes of this Part.) 216 words
  20. cc1362-6
  21. CLAUSE 40.—(Power of entry for purposes of survey and valuation.) 1,535 words
  22. cc1366-8
  23. CLAUSE 43.—(Service of notices.) 883 words
  24. cc1368-9
  25. CLAUSE 44.—(Definition of local planning authority: and joint committees.) 135 words
  26. cc1369-400
  27. CLAUSE 45.—(Assessment of compensation in connection with acquisition of land for public purposes by reference to 1939 prices.) 12,550 words